3 Level ZZ Semafor Free Download

The actual semaphor indicator is dependant on the actual ziz zag however you will find absolutely no this kind of guidelines about the semaphor indicator such as change and so forth. We now have Time period 1, two as well as 3. You will find groups colored associated with various colours as well as widths, however it’s not really described anyplace exactly how individuals tend to be precisely determined.

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Assume ZZ Semafor (sic) is placed upward the following:

extern dual Period1=5;
extern dual Period2=13;
extern dual Period3=34;
extern chain Dev_Step_1=”1, 3″;
extern chain Dev_Step_2=”8, 5″;
extern chain Dev_Step_3=”13, 8″;
extern int Symbol_1_Kod=140;
extern int Symbol_2_Kod=141;
extern int Symbol_3_Kod=142; A minimum of that is exactly what the actual developer seems to possess meant this to complete, however there might be a few small insects within the signal. Place the actual ZZ Semafor, as well as the 3 cases of the actual zigzag along with various coloured outlines, on a single graph, and you will observe the reason. (see connected screenshot)

connected semafor

The actual configurations a hundred and forty, 141 as well as 142 signify the actual Wingdings figures — (1) (2) as well as (3) — which are plotted in the golf swing levels as well as levels. There is a Wingdings personality graph at the conclusion of the publish.