Fibo Pivots in Mq4 by Mladen

Thinking about Fibo Pivots in Mq4 by Mladen over, can one generously request you to repair these types of difficulties? Therefore just in case 1 the actual pivot wouldn’t end up being determined upon marketplace Weekend open up ( the actual Friday`s 1 Fri might prevail). Just in case two, pivot will be determined on the bottom associated with Friday`s as well as Sunday`s candle lights summed collectively?

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I’ve 2 much more items to request.

1. Are you able to include 2 much more outlines upon every aspect, producing 10 completely?
two. Are you able to remove the actual collection labeling along with costs. We don’t need all of them plus they are distractors.
We don’t have any kind of encounter within encoding (but We understand how to open up MT publisher — I`ve observed the actual signal, obtained absolutely no idea how you can include these types of outlines or even remove labeling Or else I’d perform personally.